Monofin Course


To enroll in the Monofin Freediver course, an individual must:
• Be 18 years of age or older (16 years with parent or guardian consent)
• Have completed the 2nd level Freediver course
• Have completed the Medical Form
• Have completed the Liability Release

The Monofin Freediver course is designed to be an introduction to monofin swimming and to help the student develop the basic skills, techniques and knowledge necessary to start using the monofin efficiently. Students will be introduced to different approaches to freediving with a monofin, exercises designed to work on style and how to design a training program.

This theory session will include:
• History of the monofin, origins of finswimming, crossover into freediving
• Monofin construction and design, current manufacturers and how to choose and fit your fin
• How to care for and transport your monofin safely
• Freediving categories which use the monofin, the differences needed in blade and technique and the advantages and disadvantages of monofins over bi-fins
• Equipment for use with the monofin and how it differs from other freediving equipment, to include short fins, front snorkel and use of a float
• Dry training to develop the body for monofin freediving
• Physiology for monofin freediving.

Water Session One
After this session the student freediver will be able to:
• Perform a stretching routine suitable for preparing the body for a monofin freediving session
• Demonstrate the monofin technique in a standing position on land
• Perform apnea swims using small bi fins for a maximum distance of 25m, to practice the monofin style
• Perform apnea swims using the monofin for a maximum distance of 25m, to practice the monofin style
• Keep practicing the monofin style doing CW dives

Student Equipment – mask, monofin, short bi fins, snorkel, appropriate exposure protection, weightbelt, lanyard (if appropriate)


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