Millions of people around the world enjoy snorkelling. Many of them will also take a big breath and dive down for a few brief moments to have a closer look at a colourful coral, a shy turtle – or just for the fun of it. That is where Freediving Begins! 

In certain countries, freediving is also referred to as “apnea”, which derives from the Greek word “apnoia” and literally translated stands for “without breathing”. Technically, freediving starts when you hold your breath in water. The importance of this simple definition cannot be overstated. All safety procedures that you will learn become valid in the very moment a person is doing a breath hold in water. Obviously this is the case in open water, but it is equally important to keep this in mind when holding your breath in swimming pools, or even in your bathtub.

Everybody can learn freediving: Freediving does not require superhuman abilities and is not a privilege of a chosen few. To be able to freedive you need to learn a set of skills, such as relaxing your body and mind, making best use of your fins and how to equalise your ears, to mention just a few.

Welcome to o2freediving Academy where all the required skills for freediving are taught step by step in the AIDA Freedive Education System – from beginner to professional level.

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